We believe that education and schooling are the best ways to help the deprived children in Vietnam. In poor areas of the country (like the city of Huê), access to university and higher education remains a difficult stage. The cost of schooling remains a barrier for the poorest children, who often stop school after high school.

For all these reasons, we have targeted access to university as a priority of our association. Our scholarships allow high school students to continue their studies; we believe that with a university degree, these young people will be able to free themselves from their social condition. We are therefore committed to financially support all our scholarship grantees until they graduate.


Our project includes the realization of concrete action on site. Each year, we organize humanitarian missions with partner associations, volunteers or tourists wishing to make a trip to our centers to meet the children. Our goal is to bring diversity, curiosity to children and above all to instil the desire to continually learn and discover the world. We have four favorite themes.

- Medical : we support the intervention of doctors (dentist, dermatologist) for health checks, we bring pharmaceutical products, we do medical prevention and childcare actions. This is by far the most sensitive issue given the growing number of infants in these children homes.

- Sport : we organize healthy themed competitions, team games or awakening programs

- Communication : we teach English and French classes with in a playful way, using children games. This is certainly the most popular activity for children.

Finally, in our programs, we follow-up our children centers (needs, number of children, school report), we monitor construction projects and we search for new children centers in the region.

We thank all our partner associations for their trust – which led them in doing a trip to Vietnam to visit our chidren homes (The Pharmacists of PhaSol, The Scouts of the Companions of Meudon and The Wise Women of the University of Meudon) and for their faithful support to our association.

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