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The association "Duc Son Child" is said to be of general interest and therefore it can officially issue tax receipts according to Articles 200 and 238 bis of the General Tax Code (official approval of the Chief Public Finance Inspector)

When organizations meet the criteria set out in the above-mentioned articles, the donations they receive entitle the donor to a tax reduction:

  • For natural persons 66% of the amounts paid within the limit of 20% of the taxable income. 60% of the amounts paid within the limit of 5 ‰ of turnover for companies subject to income tax or corporation tax.

  • Organizations can then issue tax-deductible receipts to their donors.

Example: For a donation of € 100, you can deduct € 66 from your taxes!

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Step 1 : Contact us
Contact us through this form and then we will create a new entries donor.


Address: Duc Son Child, 5 allée Max Ophuls 94000 Créteil

Step 2 : Make a donor
Send your check to "DUCSONCHILD" at the address of the association. You will receive by mail the official tax account justifying your donation to the association.

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Step 3 : Declare your don
Fill out your tax return by indicating in the boxes 7UD, 7UF and 7UH of the 2042RICI form
If you make your statement online!
Be vigilant at Step 3 when filing the tax return online. You must check the box "Tax cuts and credits" to access the 2042RICI forms.
If you check the box surrounded in blue on the image below, you will have access to the boxes 7UD, 7UF and 7UH online
Step 4 : THANK YOU
We thank you from the heart for your support and we are committed to inform you of the use of your donation through our letters. You trusted us and we will be totally transparent.
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