Formally created in 2011, Duc Son Child is a humanitarian association whose objective is to help the development of Vietnam, and more particularly the city of Huê. We chose to help the youngest and most needy. We have chosen to work in partnership with orphanages or homes for poor children in the city, since our creation in 2011.

We decided, at Duc Son Child, to create a system of scholarships with all our orphanages and homes for poor children; at the same time, we continue to help, ad hoc, all our orphanages and partner homes. 

At "Duc Son Child", we believe that it is through education that we can help these children in a sustainable way. Our goal is to provide the necessary support to enable them to continue their studies.

Since 2011, we carry out various operations throughout the year to raise funds and find donors, the raised funds finance our scholarship program and help our orphanages and children homes. Moreover, we organize humanitarian missions every summer, with a team of volunteers willing to give a little of their time with the children of our centers.


Our association is composed exclusively of volunteers, who help to raise funds or take part in humanitarian missions in the city of Hue. The Board is in charge of administrative work, the monitoring of scholarships, the organization of projects carried out on site and the relationship with our different children homes and orphanages. Our members are in France (the head office is in Créteil and our main donors are in France) and on the spot, in Vietnam, to be closer to our orphanages and homes. This proximity is a precious asset to follow our projects on a daily basis.


Duc Son's orphanage was the first children home with which we set up our scholarship system. We initially worked exclusively with this home and its 140 children but quickly decided to extend our field of intervention (and our system of scholarships) after having met other centers of the city of Huê.


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